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Truss Professional Man Nature Duo Shampoo + Conditioner

Truss Professional Man Nature Duo Shampoo + Conditioner

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Man Nature Shampoo

Promotes a clean and fresh feeling. Reduces the redness and irritation of the skin, beard, and scalp while aiding in the prevention of dandruff, folliculitis, and acne. It works effectively as a deodorant. With physiological pH level. Anti-aging and bactericide.

For Hair, Beard and Skin.

0,5% Antibacterial
0,2% Hyaluronic Acid
0,3% Cool Ice Menthol
1% Activated Vegetable Charcoal

DIRECTIONS: Apply shampoo and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly and repeat process.

Man Nature Conditioner

Conditioner that is lightweight for better hair development. Daily use, physiological pH level. Bactericide and anti-aging. It gives Hair, Beard, and Skin a smooth feeling while strengthening and revitalizing them.

0,5% Antibacterial
0,4% Hyaluronic Acid
2% Nano Repair
1% N-Effect

DIRECTIONS: After shampoo, apply conditioner and massage gently. Allow product to act for 2 minutes. Rinse.



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