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Truss Professional Deluxe Prime Blond Champagne

Truss Professional Deluxe Prime Blond Champagne

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Truss Professional Deluxe Prime Blond Champagne is a 8.75 fl oz

PREMIUM DELUXE CHAMPAGNE BLOND is a powerful spray treatment you can use at home on hair that is blonde, highlighted, or silver. In order to achieve the ideal platinum impression, its recipe was meticulously designed with a blend of violet pigments that balance warm tones without drying out the hair.


Apply evenly throughout the hair and leave in place until the desired tone is achieved. Rinse. If applied right after highlights, begin at the nape of the neck and work your way up the length of the hair, massaging each part as you go. Rinse when you reach the top of the head. Attention: Hair with a high porosity level may absorb too much pigment. 

DO NOT APPLY THE SAME DAY AS HIGHLIGHTS FOR HOME CARE (Highly porous hair might absorb excess pigmentation). Use only as necessary to maintain the desired hue. Allow the initial application to wait for 30 SECONDS to 1 MINUTE, and then extend the processing period for subsequent applications. It is advised to process data in no more than 5 MINUTES.

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