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Truss Professional Blond Set Shampoo + Conditioner

Truss Professional Blond Set Shampoo + Conditioner

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The Truss Blond Shampoo prevents color oxidation, controls frizz, and restores hair's natural flexibility. Ideal for daily usage, physiological pH, no additional salts. color filtration

Hair color: Blonde

How to apply: Apply the product and gently massage. Give the product two minutes to work. Rinse. Repeat.

Active Components:

Bio Affinity Complex: This component helps restore the interior structure of the hair by creating bioaffinity with it. provide phtonutrients that restore damaged cuticles, repairing hair damaged by external aggressions or chemical procedures (such as UV rays, wind, excessive use of blow dryer and hot tools).

Exclusive H300: gives shine while nourishing damp hair and dramatically improves detangling.

Nano Repair: particles with a lot of positive amino acid charges that are applied to hair to form a protective layer that helps with frizz control, color protection, shine, softness, and intense conditioning. 

Wheat Vegetable Peptides are found in wheat protein. protects and helps to recover the natural flexibility of hair.

tropical fruit from the Pacific Islands called illipe butter. Rich in fatty acids that support maintaining Ceramide (Lipid) structure and hair porosity. regains the suppleness of hair.


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